Slow Play

Slow Play

At the Annual General Meeting (Held on Tuesday, 14th April 2015) it was agreed that the problem of slow play should be brought to the attention of all Skips and Members in order to speed up play to complete eight ends at each game.

All players must take responsibility for doing everything possible to ensure that play is not held up unnecessarily.

In particular the following notes will assist in eliminating slow play:

  1. The order of play should be determined by tossing a coin PRIOR to going on the ice.
  2. Lead players should be ready to play as soon as the ice is cleared, and should NOT become involved in stacking the stones from the previous end.  The two’s and three’s are quite capable.
  3. All players should be ready to play as soon as the previous stone has come to rest.
  4. Players who are not involved in the immediate play should move to the edge of the sheet and stand still between the Hog lines.  Do NOT wander up and down the ice.
  5. Pay attention to all aspects of the game whether you are involved or not.
  6. Skips should quickly determine the shot to play without too much discussion with the deputy skip.
  7. And remember – Be on time for each game, plan to be ready to play at least five minutes before the bell, and make sure that you have a sub if you are not able to play.

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