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Midlothian Province League – Boswall v Heriot’s FP

The first match of 2018 involving the Boswall Curling Club, was a Midlothian Province League match against Heriot’s FP Curling Club on Thursday, 4th January 2018 at 9.30pm. This match now doubles for the playing of the Inaugural match for the ‘The Heatlie Sugar Bowl’, which Heriot’s FP won on the last end.

Blow by blow details of this thrilling encounter: Boswall lost the toss and chose to play with the red stones. 1st end went with Heriot’s taking a two shot lead, the 2nd end Boswall came back with a single shot winner by our skip Ken, the 3rd end went with Heriot’s stealing a single shot winner by their skip having last stone, Boswall won the 4th and 5th ends by single shots. This meant that the 6th and last end, as there was only 14 minutes left to play, now became a tense decider with the Heriot’s skip not throwing his last stone as their leading stone had proved to be impregnable, despite our best efforts, thereby winning the match by a single shot. Everyone agreed it was a great match for the start of the new year.

Boswall Curling Club’s Team: Ken Colquhoun (Skip), Harry Waugh (3rd), Jim Paterson (2nd) and David Murgatroyd (Lead).

Boswall vs Heriot's FP - The Heatlie Sugar Bowl 04.01.2018










Boswall Knock-Out, Wednesday 16th November 2016

The conclusion of the Boswall Curling Club’s Annual Knock-out Competition for the 2016/17 Season – The final between Team A and Team E.

The story thus far: Team A won through the preliminary matches beating Team B and the Team C to get to the final with Team E beating Team D to reach the final.

It started with Team E taking 3 shots in the opening end and stealing a single shot in the 2nd end against the hammer. Team A started to claw back with a single shot in the 3rd end but Team E came back in the next end taking a single shot. Team E managed to claim a single shot in the next two ends with the score going into the last end with Team A on 3 shots with Team E in a very strong position with 5 shots and with the Hammer.

All to play for, it was a very tense final end with Team A having 3 stones counting, which would mean a win but Team E’s Skip, who had played a phenomenal game, eased his last stone into the middle to take the end, thereby winning the match by 6 shots to 3.

It was an extremely exciting game and played in the true spirit of Boswall. We all retired to the bar, for a well earned rest, with the winning team ordering up the drinks.

The Hamish Law Trophy – Monday 7th November 2016

Attached is a photo of the Hamish Law Trophy that Boswall won on Monday, 7th November 2016 in the Annual friendly with the Edinburgh Rotary Curling Club in memory of Hamish Law who played for the Edinburgh Rotary Curling Club and Boswall Curling Club.

It was a very keenly fought match, Boswall came out the winners.  Boswall had a one shot lead going into the last end (7th), with the last stone advantage.  Their skip’s last stone just failed to remove our counting stone which meant Ken did not need to throw his last stone. Boswall Ends won: 1, 3, 5 and 7.  Rotary Ends won: 2, 4 and 6.

Boswall Curling Club Team as follows: Ken Colquhoun (Skip); John Leaver (3rd); Bryan Chatham (2nd) and David Murgatroyd (Lead).

We retired to the bar and were presented with the attached photo, the trophy was, as you can see, still in its cabinet, it is since been handed over to Ken Colquhoun.


                         The Hamish Law Trophy


Grand Match 2015:  The North vs. The South of Scotland – 24th October 2015

This afternoon at Murrayfield Team ‘Boswall 1’ of Jim Paterson (skip), John Leaver, Wilson Heatlie and Bryan Chatham, representing “The South”, secured an 8 – 4 win over Falkirk Ladies, representing “The North”.

The final score was slightly flattering.   After Boswall had cruised to an early lead in the first three ends, Falkirk chipped their way back into the game by successfully burying stones and scoring single shots.

After five ends brooms were “stacked” (though we and others forgot to actually stack ours) for a pause and refreshments.   By the end of the seventh end, Boswall were still leading but only by 6 shots to 4.

In the final end Boswall secured an early counting shot which was well guarded, and Falkirk repeatedly failed in attempts to tap in one of theirs to outcount it.   However, with his final shot Jim Paterson perfectly tapped in Boswall’s guard, scoring two in a fitting final flourish to a closely contested game.

A very sociable tea followed, along with thanks to sponsors of the day, organisers, caterers and ice staff, all of whom had worked hard to make for an excellent event.   A newly presented trophy was accepted by Billy Howat, president of the RCCC and from Ayr, on behalf of The South.

Murrayfield had been chosen to be the headquarters for collating scores from the 17 ice rinks across Scotland.   Apart from the overall result, The South won this afternoon’s Murrayfield session, but over the day’s three sessions, The North won.

Boswall 2, comprising Pat Edington (Skip), Andrew Colquhoun, Jim Macintyre and Stan Howard had taken to the ice at 10am at the Moray Leisure Centre in Elgin.

A very tight game ensued against Forres. Singles were traded over the first four ends before brooms were stacked and drams of Benromach were enjoyed with the opposition.

Singles were exchanged over the next two ends before Boswall scored the telling two at end seven.  By the time the skips came to play, Boswall could not lose the game and the win was ensured before the final Forres stone which was well played to secure a single.  Every end went with the hammer and with Boswall  securing a 5-4 win.

Over the next couple of hours a fine lunch was taken with the odd liquid refreshment and a lot of chat with our most hospitable local opponents.

The South won all three sessions at Elgin and over the 17 venues achieved a win by over 200 shots. The South has now won all four of the Indoor Grand Matches, the first of which was played in 2000.

The International Gathering – 27th – 29th March

Over the past weekend Boswall took part in The International Gathering at Murrayfield, run by members of Penicuik CC and the 11th year of this event.   14 Scottish teams were joined by 14 from overseas, many being familiar faces from past years.   Two teams from Norway almost didn’t make it due to a snow closure of Oslo airport, one eventually arriving by train via Manchester and the other by car via Aberdeen.

Boswall attempted to field a consistent team this time, with Andrew Colquhoun (skip), Wilson Heatlie (3rd) and Toby Saltonstall (lead).  Jim Paterson and Ken Pearson joined as 2nd for one game each on Friday, and Bryan Chatham for both Saturday’s games.

The Friday games, against Canadians (featuring an English woman living in Toronto and a Canadian couple living in London, England) and a Swiss team from Lausanne, both resulted in losses for Boswall but the games were close and enjoyable, and we were certainly not disgraced.   Both our opponents went on to higher levels in the subsequent stages.

On Saturday things went better, with a win over local team Merchiston (though we very nearly blew that!) and then, after a re-rack of teams based on early performances, against the Swedish “Curling Maniacs”, well-named as two of their number almost literally came to blows on the ice!

Unfortunately, Andrew Colquhoun was not available on the Sunday so a revised team of Wilson Heatlie, David Murgatroyd, Toby Saltonstall and Robin Brownlie faced the other two teams in Section E  –  the Dutch students of “Awesome Sauce” and the Swedish ladies of “Queens”, both composed of familiar friends with some new additions.   Sadly, Boswall lost both games, the Dutch boys having greatly improved since their first appearance as raw rookies a few years ago, and the Swedes returning to their normal better form than they had shown in the early stages.   However, though frustrating to lose  –  naturally due to unfortunate rubs of the ice, rather than poor play  –   once again both games were close and very amicably contested.

Boswall finished 3rd in Section E, which we had won in 2013, so a slightly disapointing result but not a catastrophe.   Our Canadian conquerors won Group B, with Lausanne just one place below them, and the overall winning team in Group A was Midcalder.

Of possible interest is that Lanark, who, like the Swedish Queens, have performed well in past years, ended up in the division below Boswall  –  cause for some mild Schadenfreude after the recent Lanark-Boswall encounter!

The main point was that it was once more a very friendly and sociable weekend, superbly organised by Ken and Linda Hunter and their colleagues from Penicuik CC.   Next year’s Gathering is over the weekend of 1st to 3rd April.   Make a note!

                                                      The Queens
                                           Awesome Sauce
A Swedish liquorice liquor that The Queens shared with us.
A Swedish liquorice liquor that The Queens shared with us.

Boswall – Lanark Match – Monday 23rd March

Two Boswall teams, comprising over 25% of regular club members, welcomed the visiting teams from Lanark this afternoon.   Few introductions were needed as most faces for this well-established annual encounter were “weel-kent”.   It was evident that Lanark had sent some of their heavy mob, and this was quickly demonstrated on the ice.   Ken Colquhoun, Harry Waugh, Stan Howard and Alex Cormack found themselves on the receiving end of consistently good play, and were unable to find any way of making an impression.  The score reflected a sadly one-sided and, from a Boswall perspective, dispiriting encounter.

The other Boswall team of Wilson Heatlie, David Murgatroyd, John Leaver and John MacLennan fared better, starting well but making a couple of critical errors to lose the chance of scoring after having three shots in the house, and later giving away a steal of three.   Fortunately, this Lanark team were also not above making the odd mistake, and in the final end a missed guard allowed Boswall to make a takeout with the final stone, scoring 4 shots and resulting in a surprise but very satisfactory peel.

President Stan Howard presented the John Ross trophy to Lanark President Anne Hood, who observed that this is the first time the trophy has gone to the visiting club, either at Hamilton or Murrayfield.

After the game the participants had a very convivial meal and despite the outcome on the ice it proved a very enjoyable and sociable occasion all round

BOSWALL INVITATION – Jack’s In Winning Rink??

Posted on 10/02/2015 by El President

07/02/15 – AH

On Saturday 7th Feb Anne and Jack Hood went through to Murrayfield to participate in the invitational curling bonspiel – courtesy of Wilson Heatlie – Vice President.

All guests were duly welcomed and we were allocated our name badges showing the rinks we were playing in. Boswall CC members and guests were integrated within rinks which I thought was a lovely touch.

We played 4 ends against one team then changed ice to play another 4 ends against another team (however, 3 ends were more realistic before the bell rang).

The Boswall Quaich – Awarded 1983

The Boswall Quaich – Awarded 1983

How Jack managed to get within the winning rink remains a mystery – he he.

Here he is receiving his winning whisky tumbler:


Boswall Invitation – Winners 2015

We all enjoyed a lovely lunch after the curling and I would like to thank Boswall CC (our friends from the East) for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

‘The Wooden Spooners’

‘The Wooden Spooners’

We look forward to our annual interclub match in March where we play for the Boswall/Lanark Cup.

Boswall v Heriot’s FP – Glenfarclas match – 16th February 2015

On Monday 16th February Boswall’s team of Ken Colquhoun, Stan Howard, Wilson Heatlie and Robin Brownlie faced Heriot’s FP in the Glenfarclas League. This is Heriot’s first venture in this competition. With both Bryan Chatham, playing for Heriot’s, and Wilson being members of both clubs it made for an interesting encounter.

After the first two ends Boswall had leapt into a 7 – 0 lead withe scores of 3 and 4. However, Heriot’s then started to get their act together, taking the next three ends, while Boswall rather crumpled. 7 – 5 after five ends, hardly the walkover it looked like early on.

In the sixth a tap-up attempt by Ken over-curled, but a bit of good luck, and a measure, gave Boswall a single shot and saved what might have been a fatal loss of two or more.

With a good final shot Heriot’s skip, Bob Mouat (father of Scottish Junior Champion, Bruce) secured a single, leaving a relieved Boswall winners by 8 – 6.

This result maintains Boswall’s winning streak since the New Year, but is unlikely to overcome the debit account from the first half of the season. The final match, against Penicuik, is scheduled for 5th March.

BOSWALL BONSPIEL – Saturday 11th January 2014

The Club gathered at Murrayfield Ice Rink on a perfect winters day to hold the Annual Bonspiel. What a pity this could not be an outdoor event, since early morning frost gave Edinburgh pavements a slippery crackle of thin breaking ice underfoot.

Our Match Secretary had filled the eight rinks, early on, in December and so it was disappointing when two people had to call off unwell. One was Bridget Leask, one of our most loyal supporters. Our members were accompanied by sixteen guests including five ladies. This made up a jolly party, as we bustled in front of the badge board, for our distinctive name badges, which sort out the rinks. President Stan Howard gathered us round, to welcome everyone, especially former members, and the many people who are regular supporters of our Bonspiel. He then introduced Pat, who outlined the arrangements, scoring system, and proceedure for the second game. Fortunately there were instructions in the Ice Rink to help us all out.

We had a very good mix of abilities with guests distributed evenly with Boswall players. Every one seemed to have fun. The time was tight for two games of four ends. Whilst four games were played on the four sheets in the first half, only two or at best three ends achieved in the second half. John Niven, a guest, in Les Butler’s rink, showed us how effective curling with a stick can be, and what a change this made when a beginner, Susan Simpson, tried it, making her ability to cross the hog line possible. Rink H with Les, John Niven, and Andrew Colquhoun were the overall winners, and our President avoided both the embarrassment of winning and also, by one shot, the wooden spoon, which was awarded to John Leaver.

Bonspiel winners
                   Bonspiel Winners
Wooden Spoons
                   Wooden Spoons

Murrayfield provided the lunch, with a good menu with fairly traditional choices, pleasantly served. There was a good party atmosphere and everyone appeared to enjoy the company. Stan Howard, sporting our gold President’s Medal, asked Pat to present prizes to the winners and informed us that John Ross with Toby Saltonstall, Duncan Cursiter and Sandra Dunn were runners up. John Leaver, celebrating the third consecutive year in which he won the wooden spoon asked if he could now keep it. There was no response ! Stan then gave an excellent speech thanking everyone concerned and ending with an inappropriate joke about insurance for sex with the best Company for every condition and we broke up in very good spirits.

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